What are wagering requirements?

Online casinos tend to offer attractive bonuses so that they can entice players to play with them. This is an advantage they have over land based casinos where the overheads are too high for them to start giving out free cash to players. We found a good example of this from a Bitcoin Penguin Review from

However, as anyone who has played an at online casino knows, these bonuses need you to fulfill certain wagering requirements before you can use them. If you have to complete these conditions to be able to withdraw your winnings anyway, is there a way for you to enjoy your bonus and take advantage of the wagering requirements to make more money? While it’s illegal for you to try to take advantage of the system, there are legal methods you can do to maximise your winnings and get more cash.

  • Choose your game carefully: Certain of these bonuses will need you to play them only on certain types of games, like slot games, and not others, like bitcoin roulette. Go through the terms and conditions section that will give you more information about it. Once you have the list of games that you can use the bonus on, you can try to play within your wagering requirements and still make good cash by choosing a game that has a high RTP ratio. This ratio is called the return to player ratio and is usually a measure of how well a slots pays a player. If the RTP percentage is 95% or more, you stand to win a lot of money based on what you deposit.
  • Withdraw the money once you have fulfilled the requirements: There’s a difference between being optimistic and stupid. While there’s every possibility you can win more and more cash the more you play, go by the saying ‘quit while you’re ahead’. Once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements for your bonus, go ahead and withdraw it as soon as you can. There are plenty more games to be played and plenty more sites to try out without necessarily exhausting your winnings at the risk of losing everything you’ve won.
  • Roll bitcoin dice and get a lower amount: When you spin the slot at a lower wager, you will have to bet several times and play several more rounds to meet the requirements than you would otherwise have to do. That’s okay! Just be patient and spend only the minimum amount required for you to meet the conditions involved so that you can take as much time as you need to make more cash.
  • Stick to the same slot: Try not to change slots too often and get onto a slot that gives you lower returns per win but gives you more chances to win than other slots do. All of this counts greatly towards you winning.
  • Every good online ethereum casino will have wagering requirements in place; while you don’t have to beat them, you can take advantage of them to maximize your bets.

Sports Betting Types

Predicting the results of a sports match and placing a bet on its outcome is known as sports betting. Football is one of the most popular games on which sports betting takes place, you can bet either legally or illegally. When a sports betting is done legally then it is done using certain bookmarks or sports book but when sports betting is carried on illegally it is done through private organisations often known as “bookies”.

The brokers, be it legal or illegal earn huge sums of money when people place bets in these enterprises, hence it is one of the most popular forms through which gambling is practised. Most of these organizations that cater to sports betting have developed themselves online.

The different kinds of bets that are included in Sports betting are:

Proposition bet: In this, the bet is placed on the outcome of the match. You can place a bet on how many goals are going to be scored by the favoured team.

Teasers: This is a bet which allows the person who places his bet to fix his bet on by combining it for two or more games.

Parlays: This bet allows you to have multiple bets of up to 12 and can win you a huge payout.

If bets: In this kind of bet, two straight line bets will be joined by the “if” clause.

Progressive Parlays: Unlike regular Parlays, here even if the bettor loses his bet, he will be given a reduced payout.

Money-line bet: In this the team which favoured pay lesser odds.

Bitcoin Dice Betting: Where you bet high or low at a 1% house edge.

Spread betting: In this, the bookmaker favours one of the teams which is called spread. The bets are fixed against the spread.

The Bookmaker always earn a profit no matter what the outcome of the bets maybe. Bookmakers have an advantage of 11-10 over their customers. They should also be ready to incur lost if they want to establish themselves. There are also exclusive sports betting sites to take your gambling experience to a new level. Choose the bookmaker wisely so sports betting can be carried out with ease.


There are a lot of legal issues regarding bitcoin sports betting; only a few countries have freedom in this aspect. Most of the Countries have a restricted market and there have been enormous examples of betting scandals which are why you need to be sure before you go ahead and involve yourself in sports betting. Some of the Countries have very stringent laws regarding sports betting, so for any player, it is advisable to go in depth and read about the legal aspects.

In the End

Sports betting are one form of online gambling which pretty addictive hence make sure that you bet responsibly while you enjoy this world of sports.

Most common bookmakers

There are several interesting mergers and acquisitions taking place in the UK online sports betting industry that are bound to make things interesting for all of the rest of us eager beaver online punters. These are set to change the shape of the online betting industry and certainly make it more competitive, and that can only mean better offers and chance to win for players like us!

Ladbrokes and Gala Coral

For instance, earlier this year in July, there was a huge merger between two giants of the online sports betting industry. Now standing as the largest bookmaker in the UK, the deal saw the two companies come together to form a company that is worth £2.3billion. As a result of the new deal, the company called Ladbrokes Coral now has almost 4000 betting shops and 30,000 employees around the world.

Bwin and GVC Holdings

Another huge merger and acquisition that took place earlier this year was that of Bwin and GVC Holdings, both major online gambling sites. GVC Holdings beat 888 to buy up Bwin at an estimated value of £1.116billion. Bwin is well known for its online poker sites and games, which are looked forward to by players all over the globe. This is another merger that has heated things up in the online sports betting industry and which is sure to get tongues wagging and players playing.

BetKing Sports Book

With the massive rise of Bitcoin over the last few years everyone is talking about it and it is making massive headway’s in the gambling space too. The BetKing Bitcoin Sports Books is a great example of how innovative the crypto sports gambling world is becoming. It has a low house commission and basically all the features of a fiat accepting sports book. However Bitcoin is so volatile by the time your bet clears you could be up a lot or down a lot.

Increase in betting stats

Sports betting in the UK has increased from an initial figure of £5.6bn in 2010 to £7.1bn in 2014. That’s a huge increase to say the least! The reason there has been such a phenomenal increase in the industry is mainly due to the increase in online betting, which now allows users to bet from the convenience of their smartphones. As a result, players can better keep up with land based betting stores and place their wagers at their convenience. It also makes it a lot easier for them to spend money, which is why they are keen on continuing to stay online.

There are companies that are smaller which have survived mergers and acquisitions, but this is mainly because they cater to a niche audience, like say fantasy sports, and also offer very special advantages to its players. Land based gambling certainly will continue to exist, but the online and mobile gambling industry is going to see some huge strides ahead, to be sure!

With all of this action taking place on the business side of things it’s pretty obvious to see that online sports betting is here to stay. All you need to do is to get your gambling mitts on and choose the online bookmaker that will give you the best odds for your wager, and you’re on your way!