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Sports betting


Predicting the results of a sports match and placing a bet on its outcome is known as sports betting. Football is one of the most popular games on which sports betting takes place, you can bet either legally or illegally. When a sports betting is done legally then it is done using certain bookmarks or […]

Sports betting companies generic news


There are several interesting mergers and acquisitions taking place in the UK online sports betting industry that are bound to make things interesting for all of the rest of us eager beaver online punters. These are set to change the shape of the online betting industry and certainly make it more competitive, and that can […]

China betting on the English Premier League

China betting

For a country that is thousands of kilometres away from Britain, how do they find a passion for a good old fashioned game of footie played by England’s best teams? Surprisingly enough, Asians have a huge fan following for the English Premier League and topping the list of countries that follow the game are the […]

A guide to Wagering Requirements


Online casinos tend to offer attractive bonuses so that they can entice players to play with them. This is an advantage they have over land based casinos where the overheads are too high for them to start giving out free cash to players. However, as anyone who has played an at online casino knows, these […]

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