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A guide to Wagering Requirements


Online casinos tend to offer attractive bonuses so that they can entice players to play with them. This is an advantage they have over land based casinos where the overheads are too high for them to start giving out free cash to players.

However, as anyone who has played an at online casino knows, these bonuses need you to fulfill certain wagering requirements before you can use them. If you have to complete these conditions to be able to withdraw your winnings anyway, is there a way for you to enjoy your bonus and take advantage of the wagering requirements to make more money? While it’s illegal for you to try to take advantage of the system, there are legal methods you can do to maximise your winnings and get more cash.

  • Choose your game carefully: Certain of these bonuses will need you to play them only on certain types of games, like slot games, and not others, like roulette. Go through the terms and conditions section that will give you more information about it. Once you have the list of games that you can use the bonus on, you can try to play within your wagering requirements and still make good cash by choosing a game that has a high RTP ratio. This ratio is called the return to player ratio and is usually a measure of how well a slots pays a player. If the RTP percentage is 95% or more, you stand to win a lot of money based on what you deposit.
  • Withdraw the money once you have fulfilled the requirements: There’s a difference between being optimistic and stupid. While there’s every possibility you can win more and more cash the more you play, go by the saying ‘quit while you’re ahead’. Once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements for your bonus, go ahead and withdraw it as soon as you can. There are plenty more games to be played and plenty more sites to try out without necessarily exhausting your winnings at the risk of losing everything you’ve won.
  • Spin at a lower amount: When you spin the slot at a lower wager, you will have to bet several times and play several more rounds to meet the requirements than you would otherwise have to do. That’s okay! Just be patient and spend only the minimum amount required for you to meet the conditions involved so that you can take as much time as you need to make more cash.
  • Stick to the same slot: Try not to change slots too often and get onto a slot that gives you lower returns per win but gives you more chances to win than other slots do. All of this counts greatly towards you winning.
  • Every good online casino will have wagering requirements in place; while you don’t have to beat them, you can take advantage of them to maximise your bets.

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