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How free bets work and what are the benifits for player?


Any online betting site will give new players a chance to bet for free. These free bets may seem like great offers, but how is it that these sites can give you cash literally for free? Here, I explain to you how this system works and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is a free bet?

A free bet is basically a bet that an online bookmaker allows you to make without investing any of your own cash. They offer you a free bet that you can use to place the bet instead.

How does it work?

Free bets work in the following ways:

  • You may be required to match the free bet with a certain amount of your own money. This means you will be given a certain value for free wagering and will have to invest the same amount if you want to withdraw your winnings.
  • In other cases, a free bet will require you to wager a certain number of times before allowing you to withdraw any cash that you win as a result of placing the bet.
  • You may have to play according to the bookies odds if you want to be able to use the free wager amount.
    Read through the terms and conditions of the free bets to understand better how that particular online bookmaker expects you to use it.

Benefits for players

There are several advantages to using the free bet system if you’re a player:

  • The first is pretty obvious – you get to bet for free! Yeah, if someone offered me free cash to gamble with, I wouldn’t say no either!
  • You don’t have to deposit your money if you are using a site for the first time. When you are a newbie to online sports betting, you want to see if a particular site is worth your money. With a free bet system in place, you can try your luck and then see if you think the site is worth playing on with.
  • You can try your hand at online betting: If there’s a sports you haven’t betted on previously, free bets are a great way for you to get your feet wet without drowning!

Types of free bets

Here are the different kinds of free bets that you can expect to see online:

  • Stake returned: This allows you to win even the free cash offered to you to place the bet with, along with your winnings.
  • Stake not returned: This bet returns to you only the amount you won and not the free bet amount.
  • No deposit: You do not have to deposit any money with the site to use this bet.
  • No lose: In case you lose your first bet with the site, you will get a free bet to play with.

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