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Most bet on sports events of all time, the most popular betting game ever


Sports betting may be risqué to some, but to me it’s so very thrilling. I love the adrenaline rush I get from a close game, yelling at the top of my voice for my team to win because I know how much I’ve wagered on the game. Today, let’s take a look at some of the biggest betting events in sports history.

Most popular sport to bet on

Football is easily the most popular betting game out there. Baseball may be the officially most popular sport in America, but the NFL is where all the money usually makes its way to. Another popular betting game is basketball. And when people are waiting for a football season to start, or the NBA playoffs to begin, they usually settle for a baseball game to place their wagers on.

Biggest bet on a sports event

Sometimes there are huge odds to a game that entices a gambler even more. In one case, a person had bet that the first score of a football game would be a safety. This Mr. Jona Rechnitz bet $1000 on an MGM Grand Patriots game. The person was incredibly lucky to have been right in his estimate, and ended up walking away with a cool $50,000, for a payout of 50:1.

How football betting all began

In case you were wondering how betting evolved through time, football betting involves a lot of betting on college football as well as the NFL and grew in popularity in the 20th century. Back in the day, odds usually favoured the bookmakers so they stood to earn a lot of profit. College football gets a lot of bets placed every year and remains a popular betting game to bet on.
Of course, a lot of this was impeded by legal restrictions. Once gambling was made legal in Las Vegas, the sports betting industry profited tremendously. Las Vegas immediately became the venue for every sports bettor to make their way to and to bet on a popular betting game. Nowadays, most casinos in Las Vegas have their own sportsbook.

Betting on sports online

These days, betting on sports online remains a popular choice thanks to the wonders of the Internet. There are several online bookies who make lots of money from running bets. Gamblers also find it a lot easier to place bets from the comfort of their own homes. The best part is that bettors can enjoy the safety and privacy of betting from their own home.

Betting online is safe and easy, and is definitely something you want to try when you choose a sports that you are familiar with and see a lot of money coming out of. So don’t wait around, do your homework and get started!

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