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No wagering requirements in online casinos


While there are several online casinos that offer new or existing players attractive bonuses, these bonuses can often only be withdrawn after the player fulfills a minimum wagering requirement that will allow them to make use of the money. This means that players either have to wager the amount an X number of times, or play the free cash amount a certain number of times before they will be allowed to use the money.

But what if you played at a casino that had no wagering requirements? Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t! There are many online casinos that do not have wagering requirements and offer real bonuses that can immediately be transferred to cash if you win a game.


mFortune is a casino that offers an attractive no deposit bonus that lets players use free cash to play with when they first join, without having to place in any sort of deposit amount. This is certainly a welcome change over other online casinos that require a player to first deposit a certain amount of their own cash online before they are allowed to use the bonus amount. Another great thing about mFortune is that it has no wagering requirements. Therefore, in case you have a certain bonus amount offered to you, you can use a part of that amount to wager on a game. If you win a certain amount of money on the game, you can convert your winnings to cash, while keeping the bonus money as is. Therefore, even though you can’t withdraw your bonus amount, you can definitely withdraw anything you win using that amount. That sounds fair enough, doesn’t it?

No Bonus Casino

While the name seems to imply they have no bonuses on offer, it gives you other great deals that you can use. This online casino offers its players a cashback on every game that they play. That means that even if you lose a game, you can get a 10% of your cash back on the game and that gets added to your online account with them. Since they have no wagering requirements, this also means that you can withdraw the amount that you’ve won along with the cashback or use it to invest in another game. No conditions attached!

Other casinos get away with offering you very low wagering requirements, as in the case of casinos like Ladbrokes. However, these types of online casinos also offer you a good deal by letting you play on certain games that are not usually allowed to count towards your wagering requirement on other casinos.

Still, try to find an online casino that has no wagering requirements so that you can truly enjoy the winnings that you deserve and play a happy game. They’re out there if you look hard enough!

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